glass, mosaic, dots, circles, gems, flat, marbles
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  • glass, mosaic, dots, circles, gems, flat, marbles
Polka Dots PDXOL Olive Branch
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Cute little glass Polka Dots! 

These cute little glass droplets are glossy, vibrant and opaque, with solid color throughout the tile. Each drop 1/4" thick with a flat base and rounded surface. Uniform in size, shape and finish each is a perfect circular drop.

Mix include several shades and are a mix of gloss and iridized finishes.

These tiles are perfect for indoor as well as outdoor projects, freeze/thaw and in wet areas and are rated for light commercial flooring.

Each tile measures 12mm x 6mm (approx. 1/2" dia. x 1/4" thick)

1/4 Pound = Approx. 72 dots
1/2 Pound = Approx. 148 dots
1 Pound = Approx. 295 dots

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