WeldBond, Mosaic Glue, adhesive
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  • WeldBond, Mosaic Glue, adhesive
Weldbond Glue
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Glue tiles on most any surface!

Weldbond Universal Glue dries crystal clear and bonds permanently; the longer it dries the stronger it is. After it dries it is water-resistant (not water proof). It cleans up with soap and water and has no unpleasant odor - completely non-toxic. Weldbond can also be used for glass-on-glass mosaics, to repair concrete, seal concrete and even strengthen concrete and grout! See www.weldbond.com for more info and ideas.

Please Note: WeldBond is subject to freezing, and once frozen it can not be used. If you live in a northern climate and your packages are delivered outside you run the risk of it freezing. Although we will ship WeldBond during the winter, we only ship weather permitting and cannot guarantee its safe arrival.

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