Other Sticky Stuff
This section covers the rest of the sticky stuff, such as silicones, epoxies and construction adhesives.  Although these adhesives do not have a regular place in our world of mosaics there are often applications when you need "something" else.

Silicones - This category includes adhesives like Lexel, Clear liquid Nails, etc.  They are typically clear, very flexible and readily available at home improvement centers. They contain serious chemicals and may have strong fumes.  Lexel is my silicone of choice, as it seems to be less "fumey".  I have actually gotten what I call a "silicone hangover" from using other brands.  Read the manufactures directions for uses and precautions.

  • Silicones work great on flexible backing such as metal.  Most are "all weather" and can be used on exterior projects.  Allows for expansion and contraction in different temperatures. I have successfully used Lexel on several metal and glass bases that "live" outside in Wisconsin.
  • Clear silicones work well when adhering glass to glass or any slick surface. May be used to on hurricane lamps and votives, etc.


Epoxy - This is a very strong quick setting two part adhesive reserved for unique applications which include things like gluing cup handles, heavy pieces that just slide, etc. To be used when you need a quick set.

  • Epoxy is a two part glue (resin + hardener) that must be mixed.  My favorite is Power Poxy.  It is very thick and sets quickly.
  • Epoxy has a short life once mixed, from 2 to 10 minutes, so be ready before you mix.
  • It is very difficult to remove once hardened and should last forever.
  • Epoxies contain serious chemicals and it is important to follow the manufactures instructions.
  • Most epoxies are waterproof.