Tile Mastic
Mastic is a very sticky adhesive.  It comes premixed and is readily available at most home improvement stores.  It usually comes in a small bucket of varying sizes with a snap top lid.  It has a very long shelf life when kept closed.
  • Read the manufactures instructions! (you'll hear me say this a lot.)  Each brand has it's own recommendations.  Look for Type I or better for maximum water resistance.
  • Even when using Type I, mastic is for INDOOR applications only and where it will not be exposed to moisture.
  • Typically white or light in color, the color can be altered using liquid pigments.  This is especially helpful when you are using on a project that you don't plan on grout, such as Italian Smalti.
  • Works great on vertical surfaces where sliding can be an issue.
  • It's thick texture allows you to build-up for use with materials of different thicknesses.
  • May be use to adhere to wood, drywall, Formica, ceramic.
  • Mastic is NOT intended for use on floors. It will become brittle and break down under pressure.
  • For art projects use a palette knife to spread in small areas.