PVA Glues
This are many brands of PVA glues. You know them as Elmer's, Tacky Glue, etc.  The most widely used and preferred by mosaic artists is WeldBond.  As I go forward in this section Weldbond is the product that I will be referring to and the one I recommend.
  • Non-Toxic, safe for children and fume free.
  • Dries clear.  Great when bonding transparent and semi transparent materials such as glass to glass.
  • May be used as a sealer on porous bases like wood and terra cotta.  Mix 5 parts water to 1 part Weldbond.  Paint the surface with this mixture and allow to dry.
  • Bonds to most anything.  Glass, marble, terra Cotta, wood, Formica, etc. It is always beneficial to score (rough up) smooth surfaces to give them a little tooth.  This process creates a better bond when using most all types of adhesives. You can scratch them up with a sharp object or sand with a course grade of sandpaper.
  • Cleans up with water while it is still in it's "white" stage.
  • High temperatures and low humidity will speed the curing process. Cure is complete once it has turned clear.  It will continue to strengthen over time.
  • Works well to adhere tesserae to mosaic mesh when using the mesh method.
  • It can be applied directly from the bottle.  My preferred method of application is to work from a small snap lid container and paint it on with a small paint brush.  This allows the glue to tack up a bit while in a open container.
  • When using to adhere glass to glass the lack of exposure to air will lengthen the dry time and the larger the pieces that you are gluing the longer it will take to cure clear.
  • Read the manufactures instructions! For further info about Weldbond that are not answered here, see the manufacturers specifications available at Frank T. Ross.