Where to grout?
  • Grouting is messy.  Find a location that it's ok to get dirty or cover your workspace with a tarp.  I often use my old plastic shower curtain liners.  It's one more way to recycle them before they hit the landfill.  The basement, garage, or carport make good grouting locations.
  • Do not grout in direct sunlight or use artificial means to speed drying time. This will cause the grout to cure too fast, cause cracking and weaken the grout.  Remember it is a curing process not drying.  This is not the time to rush.
  • To cure more slowly spray mist with water every hour or so the first day or cover with a damp towel or plastic sheet.  The longer you allow your grout to cure the stronger it will be. Cool, dry places such as a basement, garage or carport are good places to do your grouting.