Clean-up and storage!
  • Now that your done it's time to clean up.  If you used a disposable container to mix in, simply toss it in the garbage.  If you are saving your container dump the leftovers in newspaper or a plastic bag and toss.  Dry rub the rest out over a trash can.
  • Use a "slop bucket" to rinse you tools. NEVER! clean up in the sink.  Remember grout will harden anywhere even in your pipes and the only one that will be happy about this is your plumber!
  • Dump your slop bucket contents in an inconspicuous place outside.  If you do not have a place.  Dump the liquid portion out and leave the rest of the contents to dry out and then knock them out into the garbage.
  • Grout comes in larger container than most artists use at one time.  To save your unused grout.  place inside a plastic bag and put the bag inside a snap lid container.  It should stay fresh and ready for next time.  If you find that the grout seems hard when you open the container, this means that moisture has gotten to it and it has hardened.  Throw it out.  Even if you can easily break it up the chemical reaction has already taken place and it will be weak.