What Color?
  • Like framing a picture, your choice of color can enhance or compete with the finished piece and can emphasize or de-emphasize the design.  It can also "show off" your mistakes in laying the tesserae.
  • When in doubt do a test board.  Glue up a sample board and grout it with a few different choice.  Usually this will make the choice clear.  Another method that I use is to brush some dry grout directly onto a small portion of the piece, once I find the right one simply brush it out.
  • White or light colored grout can be very intense and I find that it is rarely a good choice unless your piece is white or light in color as it tend to fracture the mosaic. It also works well with broken China (Picassiette) mosaics when the china is light to white in color.
  • Black or charcoal will intensify the color of your mosaic.  It often works well with brightly colored tesserae.
  • Medium gray is often what I call the "when in doubt choice".  It tends to recede and blend the colors together.  Gray will work well with most any colors of tesserae.
  • Many other premixed colors are available and make great choices don't be afraid to give them a try.
  • If want a special color that is not commercially available you can use you can use powdered or liquid universal pigments.  They can give good strong grout colors.  Acrylic paint is not recommended as a colorant.  It takes a lot to affectively change the color and can cause cracking and a strange plastic looking surface to the grout.