About Grout
  • Grout is a cement based mixture.  The basic ingredients in thinset are Portland cement, sand, and water, once mixed together a chemical hardening process begins. It will even harden underwater. It does not dry. It is a chemical process that cures.
  • Grout has little adhesive properties and can not be used to "stick" tile in place
  • It is dangerous to breathe in grout when it is in it's powered state.  Always use a dust mask or respirator until the grout is thoroughly mixed with water and is no longer airborne.  Remember all the grout needs is water to start hardening and your lungs are full of moisture.
  • There are many brands commercially available.  Choose an brand that is Polymer fortified. The polymers add to the strength and flexibility to the grout.  If this type is not available in your area you can use liquid admix in place of the water when mixing or order here.  Check the manufactures recommendations on the back of the package.
  • Grout comes in sanded, unsanded and premixed versions.  See below for more information on selecting the type that is right for your project.  I use sanded exclusively.